[PATCH] Set domainname in init.d/localnet

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 07:06:51 PDT 2007

On 3/13/07, Alexander E. Patrakov <patrakov at ums.usu.ru> wrote:
> Dan Nicholson wrote:
> > Out of the box, an LFS system will report (None) as the domainname.
> which is correct, because LFS never sets up NIS. The domainname is not the
> DNS domain name but a NIS thing. Wyou want to modify resolv.conf.

Do you have any pointers to documentation? This is always somethings
that's boggled me. There seems to be multiple ways to query for
"domainname", and they all have slightly different results.

For instance, I thought it would be a decent idea to put
localhost.localdomain as an alias to the loopback device in hosts
(prior to configuration while bootstrapping). The perl testsuite
failed when the returned domainname was localdomain. At least I think
this is what was happening. This could be a bug in my setup or a bug
in perl's testsuite. It passed when I changed the alias to

So, who's wrong and why? I'd appreciate any pointers.

> > You can see this if you try to put the domainname into /etc/issue.
> This is an example of mis-use of NIS domain name. However, I don't object to
> the patch as long as a comment about NIS is added.

That's fine, but it would be nice to understand this a bit.


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