Remarks on LFS-6.2

Chris Staub chris at
Sun Mar 18 20:27:30 PDT 2007

Chris Staub wrote:
>> 	Running "make install" in section 6.9.1 I have discovered that perl
>> binary installed in /tools/bin tries to locate its
>> 	extensions in /usr/local/* directories, however they were installed
>> in /tools/share/perl5/*. Before entering the chroot
>> 	environment all is ok, 'cause perl will use modules installed on a
>> host system. But when we are chrooted it can fail,
>> 	actually installation of glibc failed on my system at some moment,
>> because make could not execute a perl script successfully.
>> 	In order to verify that is so or not, emit the following command just
>> after the perl is installed:
>> 	$ /tools/bin/perl -e '$"="\n";print "@INC"'
>> 	I am going to check it by myself later, now as a temporary workaround
>> I've simply created the following symlink:
>> 	$ ln -s /usr/local/perl5 /tools/share/perl5
>> Fix
> If you are following the book correctly, this simply does not happen. 
> Most likely you mistyped something in the Perl instructions. Remove the 
> Perl source dir, double-check the commands you type, and try again. 
> Also, if anything actually *was* installed in /usr/local, that means you 
> became root...never do that if the book doesn't tell you to.
> BTW the symlink will no longer be valid after you chroot.

I just reread your is only *looking* for stuff in 
/usr/local...nothing was installed there. However, this is still a 
result of user error, not a problem with the book.

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