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Sat Mar 24 04:33:01 PDT 2007

El Viernes, 23 de Marzo de 2007 22:52, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> 1. We shouldn't always point to the svn version. When a stable book is
> released, it should probably point to the stable version of the BLFS
> book. Although, there could be a time lapse where this could be a bad
> idea, i.e. LFS-6.2 + BLFS-6.1. Still, if someone's following the
> stable LFS book, they probably don't want to get forwarded into the
> development version of BLFS.

That could be solved easy, if wanted.

When a LFS-x.y version is ready to release, just create a temporally 
&blfs-root;view/x.y symlink pointing to &blfs-root;view/svn and fix the to be 
created blfs-version entitie.

In this way, the links in LFS-x.y always will point to the corresponding 
BLFS-x.y book, but until that BLFS-x.y book is released the pages showed will 
be from BLFS-SVN (or the related BLFS branch, in one is created and the 
symlink is readjusted to point to that branch).

> 2. More nitpicky, but we could easily absorb the view/$version part
> into another entity.
> I suggest the following two entity additions to general.ent:
> <!ENTITY blfs-version "svn">
> <!ENTITY blfs-view "&blfs-root;view/&blfs-version;/">

I agree.

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