Little note on psmisc

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu May 10 10:56:40 PDT 2007

So, I'm nearly ready to commit a patch to fix up the list of files and 
libraries for each package.  However:

> > And while you're fixing, 2 other notes:
> > genl is installed by IPRoute, but not in the list
> Hmm, looks like a new program...didn't exist at the time of LFS 6.2.

Indeed, and there's no man page for it, and no useful info in --help for it 
either.  I'm certainly not going to go and try to grok the source to figure 
out what on earth it does.

In the same boat as that is groupmems, which is installed by Shadow.  Again, 
no source of info as to what it is supposed to do.

Any insight from other list members welcome!



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