Little note on psmisc

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Thu May 10 12:11:14 PDT 2007 wrote:
> El Jueves, 10 de Mayo de 2007 19:56, Matthew Burgess escribió:
>> Indeed, and there's no man page for it, and no useful info in --help for it
>> either.  I'm certainly not going to go and try to grok the source to figure
>> out what on earth it does.
> Looks like is related to generic netlinks control and inet socket monitoring, 
> but I don't know what it actually do.
>> In the same boat as that is groupmems, which is installed by Shadow. 
>> Again, no source of info as to what it is supposed to do.
> This one have a man page. At least it XML source can be found in 
> {shadow_sources}/man/groupmems.8.xml

Looking at the source and then running `genl -help` I get

$ ./genl -help
Usage: genl [ OPTIONS ] OBJECT | help }
where  OBJECT := { ctrl etc }
       OPTIONS := { -s[tatistics] | -d[etails] | -r[aw] }

But I have no idea what that means.

  -- Bruce

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