Little note on psmisc

Chris Staub chris at
Thu May 10 13:00:17 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On 5/10/07, Matthew Burgess <matthew at> wrote:
>> Can someone with more Automake/Makefile foo explain to me why those 5 man
>> pages aren't being installed please?  It might just be a conincidence, but
>> they all appear on the same line in the definition of man_MANS in
>> man/Makefile!  Other man sections that shadow installs files to look OK using
>> a similar script to the one above.
> I had the same problem, and now I figured out why. The sed we do is
> way too aggressive.
> find man -name Makefile -exec sed -i '/groups/d' {} \;
> In man/, groups appears on the same line as all the other
> group* manpages. So, we've conveniently told make not to install them!
> This only in a couple subdirectories.
> Untested, but I think this would work:
> find man -name -exec sed -i 's/groups\.1 //' {} ';'
> --
> Dan

Oops, I corrected this in CLFS six months ago but it seems I forgot to 
email LFS-dev as well...sorry...

Anyway, it seems two commands are now needed, due to changes in the 
Makefile in the latest Shadow verison. We don't use the find command for 
all the various translations in CLFS (though maybe we should) but other 
than that it should be the's what we've got...

sed -i '/groups.1.xml/d' man/Makefile
sed -i 's/groups.1//' man/Makefile

Actually, I believe the groups.1.xml line is only in the Makefile in the 
  "man" directory so the find should only be needed for the 2nd command...

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