udev-110 ->111 changed behaviour for naming net-devices?

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Wed May 23 04:11:20 PDT 2007

Jens Stroebel wrote:
> Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>> Would it work to use by-path persistence?  That's not supported in
>> the book or by the udev developers because (e.g.) USB devices
>> change their paths way too often.  But if these laptops only have
>> one PCMCIA slot, then that might work.
> Having tried the below-mentioned patch, I'd say this should pose no 
> problems. The location of the PCMCIA slot (id-wise) shouldn't change
> as far as I understand; and yes, it only has one of them. As long as
> nothing changes with regard to the sys filesystem, we should be OK
> with these rules even in case of a NIC replacement.


I was wondering where your /sys/class/net/ethX/device symlink pointed
for the PCMCIA NIC, but if it works as-is, it's probably not important.

> The patch applied cleanly on udev-110 + udev-111 (although I did only
> test it running on udev-110 - works fine there).

Yeah, the files that it modifies haven't been changed in a while.

>> however, reading it again, I said that I didn't think it'd work
>> with PCMCIA devices.
> I cannot second this. By observation, it seems that the NICs we use
> in the PCMCIA slot appear to the kernel as a PCI device.

Hmm.  I figured they'd show up on a different bus, since it is really a
different physical bus.  Well, whatever.  I'd still like to know where
the device symlink points though.  :-)

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