IPRoute2-2.6.20-070313 man-page glitch

taipan67 sysadm.taipan67 at btinternet.com
Wed May 23 11:10:33 PDT 2007

The IPRoute2-2.6.20-070313 tarball contains :- man/man8/tc-bfifo.8 & 
man/man8/tc-pfifo.8, the latter being a symlink to the former.

Makefile installs both, then overwrites them with symlinks to 
tc-pbfifo.8, which doesn't exist.

My solution is to :-

rm man/man8/tc-pfifo.8 && mv man/man8/tc-bfifo.8 man/man8/tc-pbfifo.8

...prior to 'make SBINDIR=/sbin install' (this should probably be done 
upstream as a permanent fix, if it hasn't already).

This is my first lfs-install (svn-20070514), & my first post to the 
lists, so if this should've been sent to the lfs-book list, i apologise 
& would appreciate any constructive correction available.

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