I think I found a bug in lfs-dev 20070514

Lauri Kasanen curaga at operamail.com
Sat May 26 10:08:18 PDT 2007


I'm building my second LFS sys, now from the dev 14.5.2007 book 'cause Xfce 4.4 needs at least glibc 2.4.

Anyway in Chapter 5, glibc "make install" stops with an error:
install (don't remember the arguments) include/scsi/sg.h /tools/include/scsi/sg.h
overwrite failed : operation not permitted
Make [ error 2 ]

I checked that, Linux kernel headers already installed that file, but with perms root:root rw-r--r--. I solved this problem by chowning to user lfs /tools/include/scsi and after that "make install" back to root.

I have not deviated at all (yet) so this is a bug in the book.
What would be the preferred solution? This or changing perms?
Anyway I think this will occur again in Chapter 6, but I'm not there yet.
Don't remember to add a fix for this!


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