Merging the jh branch to trunk

Robert Connolly robert at
Thu Sep 6 03:43:16 PDT 2007

On Friday August 31 2007 05:54:50 pm Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> The WITHARCH variable seems to be a configure option, but I can't find
> it in ./configure --help or with a grep of configure.

It's in ./gcc/configure --help. GCC's (and Binutils) subdirectories can have 
different options than the top level configure.

GCC's top level makefile system is special (Binutils makefile system is a copy 
of GCC's, libiberty too). Invalid, even misspelled, options are ignored and 
passed down to subdirectories. This makefile system allows all prerequisites 
needed to build and test GCC, including Binutils, Findutils, Gawk, Coreutils, 
Flex, Bison, Expect, DejaGNU, etc etc, and even bzip2, to be built under the 
same tree (freebsd style), and in the correct order (host-tools, build-tools, 
target-tools). It's very complex. HLFS's toolchain touches on it by 
integrating GCC and Binutils compilation in the same step. I feel that GCC is 
slowly leaning towards these types of toolchains... building most of the 
system at the same time. But this is all a different topic.

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