Choosing appropriate keymaps and fonts

taipan67 sysadm.taipan67 at
Sun Sep 16 04:37:13 PDT 2007

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Hi,
> How does one go about choosing the correct keymaps and fonts for their system?  I've read over chapter07/console.html several times but still have a couple of questions.
> What I'm trying to do is configure a system to have a UK keymap and have a UTF-8 capable console.
This is what i have at the moment to achieve the same objective :-

KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS="euro2 windowkeys"

The 'euro2' thing still doesn't generate a Euro symbol, so that needs 
work. I also chose iso-8859-15 instead of iso-8859-1 in the hope of 
getting said Euro-symbol...

Ken Moffat has composed a 'uk-utf8' keymap, but the download link 
doesn't seem to work - Ken, is there any chance of another attempt to 
make this available?
> Similarly, for fonts, how do I determine which ones are UTF-8 capable and what flags I need to pass to setfont, via the FONT variable, so that it will display correctly?
> Thanks,
> Matt.
As Alexander said, fonts with a 'psfu' suffix are supposed to be 

Hope that helps, taipan

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