7.0 Goals (top level bootstrap)

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Sun Sep 16 22:47:05 PDT 2007

Robert Connolly wrote:

> With HLFS I'm leaning towards bootstrapping the chroot toolchain. It's how the 
> GCC developers would want it.

You cannot speak for the GCC developers, so please don't. IMHO you are WAY
off the mark anyway.

> I don't know if LFS has also considered the top level makefile build method 
> being promoted by GCC/GNU, so that GCC and Binutils are built together in the 
> same tree. The difference here is that Binutils is also bootstrapped like 
> GCC.

I have considered it, but ruled it out for obvious reasons. What's more, I
don't know why you think this is something new. Building "combined tree"
toolchains has been an integral part of the top level build system ever
since the Cygnus Solutions days. What *is* new is the fact that the
assembler and linker can now also be bootstrapped as part of the 3-stage
GCC bootstrap process.

You have apparently overlooked the obvious fact that combined tree builds
are designed for *developers* working from svn trunk. They are clearly not
suitable for builds based on tarballs which is what we as *consumers* are
using. Just look at the hacks you have to use to create the combined tree.
If the big distros ever start using a combined tree, that's when we should
look at it IMHO.


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