MTU manipulation through lfs-bootscripts: has it been deprecated?

Jens Stroebel drifter at
Tue Sep 18 06:19:50 PDT 2007

			Hello beautiful people :)

I was in a situation which prompted (unfortunately) for lowering the MTU
of a network-device to assure functionality as planned ....

(r8169 driver, 8168B/8111 NIC)

While looking at the actual bootscripts and searching a bit/asking my
way around, I came across

which is a service script allowing one to set the MTU of a network
device via the same mechanism which sets it up at boot-time.

As this script is (no longer?) part of the LFS-bootscripts, I was asking
myself why this is the case...?

Any insight appreciated, no hurry nescessary (I "had to" re-include it

drifter at
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