Chapter 6 building against /tools still?

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Dec 1 03:27:01 PST 2008

Greg Schafer wrote:
> Simon Geard wrote:
>> One other thing I wonder about, in the find 6.4 book. As I noted before,
>> one of my earlier problems was that libtool was ending up with hardcoded
>> references to /tools/bin/grep, which I corrected by moving grep to be
>> build a little earlier. However, the 6.4 book has grep built after
>> libtool, so I'm not sure what's going on there...
> It looks like you missed the /bin/grep symlink from `Creating Essential
> Files and Symlinks'. From memory, I believe it was put there to satisfy
> the silly "Alphabetical" build order. A simple change in the build order
> is IMHO much more preferable than an extra symlink.

You're right. The alphabetical change was first and foremost intended to 
help document dependencies and to understand why we built packages when 
we did. A very secondary intent was to provide a mechanism for placing 
packages where the build order wasn't critical. The goal was _not_ to 
simply alphabetize the book.

Therefore, when we were still trying to decide how to handle certain 
issues that came up, I think we made a concession with the grep symlink, 
perhaps because it seemed a small issue or 'less work'. To be honest, 
especially looking back on it now, using a symlink was not in the spirit 
of the change. Grep should have been moved up in the build.

Because this was a consensus made by several people back in the early 
part of 2006, I'd like to open it up for comment again now. Anyone mind 
if we do the more technically correct thing and move grep up in the 
build order of chapter 6?


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