Aiming for 7.0

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Dec 3 05:39:46 PST 2008

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> I've already got the trivial patch that upgrades Udev, but doesn't strip out Udev-config.  It's been build-tested but not boot-tested currently.  It may have an impact on the minimum host-kernel pre-req, but I don't have anything to test on to confirm/deny this.  My proposal would be to just chuck it over the wall and see what breaks - this is trunk after all :-)  I certainly don't think it needs its own branch.
> I think stripping out Udev-Config is fairly safe too - the discrepancies I flagged may cause some breakage in some esoteric use cases/devices but I think by and large people will still be able to boot and use LFS-based systems.  Any breakage can be easily rectified by including new rules in an LFS-format patch, which can then be submitted upstream for their consideration.

Alright, then I guess this is one of those things you can drop in 
anytime. Thanks, Matt.


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