Aiming for 7.0

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at
Wed Dec 3 08:03:39 PST 2008

Selon Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at>:

> 5. Ticket 2033. Include support for initramfs. Would this require a
> separate branch, and can it be worked on in parallel to other changes,
> or is it better to wait until other above changes are sorted out?
We have initramfs working on IPCop (with cpio).
It basically just work and will need a bit of polishing to support various
corner cases, like nousb, acpi=off.
LVM or encrypted root are not supported.

The only trouble we have yet is on halt as unmounting /dev on tmpfs, it claim to
be busy. Not a big trouble for a FS in RAM when halting.

To boot from floppy, we have a separate mini-initramfs and 2 root floppies.


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