The new build method is in...

William Harrington wwh04660 at
Sat Dec 6 21:27:53 PST 2008


If someone is going to borrow someone's work credit needs to be made.

I don't care the degree of the final product.

Impressing people cause of the work they claim they do without credit  
to the author is worse
than throwing 3 strikes in a row at a bowling alley with Uncle  
Knicknak's arm.

There are at least three projects out there borrowing info.
If proper credit isn't given then that project needs to die because  
the project
with the source is the supreme being.

No excuse, since 2005, that this whole ordeal about who had what, who  
stole what from who, and who didn't give credit due issue should be  
going on. Get rid of your personal reasons for this. It's a community  
endeavor and each project with it's own goal. Each project may borrow  
from another, and each project needs to give credit to the source. If  
any part of the source is used credit needs to be given. It's a black  
and white line.



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