Package management and creating the file system layout

david zorg lists at
Wed Dec 17 02:31:14 PST 2008

On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 20:03:14 -0600
Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:

> DJ Lucas wrote:
> > Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> >> Can you explain what you mean by "create the entire 'base'".
> >>   
> > Again, looking at this from a packaging point of view, IMO, all
> > files and directories that are created manually should be together
> > on one page so that a single package can be generated and called
> > 'lfs-base' or something to that effect.  I had the chapters screwed
> > up, but basically, we should create all of the directories first
> > and the then the essential files (not symlinks) on the same page.
> > Follow that up with mounting virtual file systems and then chroot.
> > The symlinks can (and should) still be created after entering
> > chroot (the last three sets of instructions would never be
> > packaged).
> Hmm. My initial reaction is that I don't really like it.  Under that
> scenario, we wouldn't be using the new packages as they are built.
> I'm not sure if we can build everything without using our new
> packages because some may depend on others.
> ......
> To me it makes a lot more sense package by package instead of one big
> blob of multiple packages.

Bruce, i think you're misunderstanding DJ's proposal - it sounds to me
like he's saying that if the creation of the file-system heirachy and
the essential files for the final system was done all on one page of
the book, it would make it easier for folks using PM to bundle up this
(mostly)empty structure as a single package, much like Gentoo's
'baselayout' package, i guess.

It would appear to me that this would require root-privileges, so doing
it *before* chrooting poses problems. The logical place is in
chapter-4, prior to logging-in as the $LFS-user - in which case the
original question is, "does this pose any risk of environment
contamination from the host to the system being chrooted into?". I
can't answer that...

The ideal would seem to be having the ability to create the structure
as an unprivileged 'package-building' user at the start of
chapter-6, before chrooting, but still end up with root ownership of
the resultant directories and files. In point of fact, the ideal would
be to build _EVERY_ package in chapter-6's chroot as such a
'package-building' user...

...if you can figure out a way to do that without adding packages such
as 'fakeroot', as used by 'pacman' in DIY-Linux, i'll be fascinated to
hear it...


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