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Mon Oct 6 17:38:38 PDT 2008

>>> DJ Lucas wrote:
>>>> I do not have all the details in front of me, but somebody said that gcc
>>>> failed if gmp was not on the host in pass1.  Greg pointed us to a DIY
>>>> thread that showed how to build with GCC.  There was no _need_ to build
>>>> inline beyond that point, because that fixed the problem of the extra
>>>> host system requirement.  The extra packages are minimal, and required
>>>> one way or the other.  Shared seems better IMO as I use GMP anyway.  It
>>>> might not be a bad idea (less maintenance) to build the same way for
>>>> both early builds and only build gmp and mpfr standalone for the final,
>>>> though I haven't tried that yet.

FYI: The GMP and MPFR packages can be built in Chapter 5 as seperate
packages (no need to inline with GCC), but must be built statically
(due to linker issues with finding shared libraries outside normal
paths) and require configure switches are needed to help MPFR (and
possibly gcc) locate the static libs (--with-gmp=/tools from memory)

The Chapter 6 chroot shared build works due to the shared libs being
in a standard location (/usr/lib, etc), and the linker able to find
them using normal paths.

So Chapter 5 can be inline with GCC (which builds static by default)
or seperate but static, and Chapter 6 can be shared or static as you

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Steve Crosby

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