Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Oct 6 17:50:08 PDT 2008

Steve Crosby wrote:

> So Chapter 5 can be inline with GCC (which builds static by default)
> or seperate but static, and Chapter 6 can be shared or static as you
> prefer.

After thinking about this all day, I tend to think this is the
way to go. Build GMP and MPFR inline with GCC (static) in
Chapter 5, then break them out and build them separately in
Chapter 6.

Chapter 5 is the tools that build our final production version
of packages. There's really no need to build GMP and MPFR
separately in Chapter 5. It is actually easier to simply put
instructions in the Chapter 5 GCC (both passes) to untar the
packages and let GCC do its thing.

Then, in Chapter 6, break out GMP and MPFR into separate
packages. I'd like to see this as the direction we take.

Of course, other suggestions are welcome.


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