New personal experimental book

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Oct 8 06:40:15 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:

> I reverted to 4.23.  I never got a chance to see if 4.26 worked.  In 
> 4.25, the -e (exclude) switch is broken, both long an short options do 
> not work.

Yes, I've confirmed that. However, only *parts* of the -e
switch are broken. And I see in the code why. I actually
was able to patch the file.c source and things work again.
Only thing is, it isn't broken per se. The code was actually
removed from the source, yet left in the man page. Not sure
what is up with that.

I'm subscribing to the dev list for file and report this.
If I get a reply back, I'll post back here. In the meantime,
I feel good about using my patch, as all tests that I could
muster seem to work okay.


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