Chapter 6 Coreutils installation

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Oct 12 09:56:14 PDT 2008

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 10/12/08 11:46 CST:

> Usually the reason is because the path to the tools gets built into
> another script/program. In the dependencies appendix, it says that sed
> must be built before e2fsprogs. I think it's mk_cmds that hardcodes
> the location of sed, but that's just a guess.
> I think coreutils must be built before bash because of something that
> gets substituted into bashbug.

I was out at the barn feeding the animals and I thought the same exact
thing. That some *broken* packages have hard-coded paths to /usr. But
it's been a long time since we alphabetized the installation and almost
every package has been updated since.

I wonder if that brokenness has been fixed. Worth a jhalfs try to see
if we can move coreutils and sed into alphabetic order.


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