Minimum Host Prerequisites

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Oct 20 20:42:27 PDT 2008

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:
>> To me, 2.6.9 is ancient history! (4 years old).  I think something 
>> like 2.6.16 (purely because it is still getting long-term support 
>> updates) is a better minimum, but also I think we should encourage 
>> people to build a new kernel first (if they aren't using a Live CD) 
>> so that they can be sure it works with their .config, and then they 
>> can use --enable-kernel=current.
> Hmm.  I wouldn't want to set it any higher than the minimum required on
> the host, which I believe is determined currently by the process to
> generate udev NIC names?  Though the actual page only says "2.6.x", hmm.
> I *think* the udev process required 2.6.8 or newer to work at all, and
> 2.6.18 for some kind of enhancement (comments perhaps?).  I wonder if we
> need to set it at least that high.

Perhaps I'm not understanding your point. Certainly 
--enable-kernel=current would cover that very circumstance?


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