Minimum Host Prerequisites

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Oct 20 22:00:26 PDT 2008

Bryan Kadzban wrote:


Thanks for the clarifications, they were very helpful.

> Forcing the user to build the kernel before they start may work

I would think that doing this would provide optimal build results for 
glibc. If you do it after the first pass of gcc, but before glibc, then 
you wouldn't have to worry about what version of kernel or gcc the host 
system has, and you don't have to rely (much) on the host's toolchain - 
at least not more than you currently do.

>  (Actually it may cause grief with the installed distro's udev
> system, especially if the wrong CONFIG_ compatibility sysfs flags get
> unset...)

So don't use udev on the host... [/me runs]

Seriously, though. There's a solution in here somewhere...


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