Patch names (security, fixes)

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Thu Oct 23 13:53:37 PDT 2008

In ticket 2227, Robert wrote

|I also suggest that we name upstream patches "fixes", not security
|or whatever else. At the same time, don't name non-upstream patches
| This might start another LFS bug issue, but it's worth mentioning

 This needs to be discussed *here* ;)

 Personally, whenever I create a patch I find it hard to create an
*appropriate* name.  Often, putting 'fix' in the name helps me
understand what it is for without looking at the content.  I find it
hard to see *why* restricting "fixes" to only those patches which have
come from upstream is going to help anyone ?

 The grammarian within me says that _fixes patches should always
contain fixes for more than one issue. ;)

 And then, if there are known vulnerabilities but no upstream patch,
how are you going to name a patch ?  For a single vulnerability you
could name it fubar-0.9-CVE_2008-9990-1.patch, but what if there are
a *series* of CVE numbers for related issues which all need to be
patched ?

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