Building SVN-20081028 on a Playstation 3

John Frankish frankish at
Wed Oct 29 00:59:31 PDT 2008


My apologies if this is the wrong list for this post..

Due to the fact that lfs SVN-20081028 uses gcc-4.3 and a 2.6.27 
kernel, which both contain various ps3 specific optimisation 
possibilities, I'm very interested by the idea of building an lfs 
system on a Playstation 3 using ydl-6 as a host.

I've found almost nothing ps3 specific on the lfs site - other than 
some sbu information proving that somebody must have been successful 
- are there any lfs/ps3 guidelines/tips/howtos around that might 
avoid some blundering around in the dark?

Note I'll almost certainly go ahead anyway...


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