Building GCC-4.3.2

Rob Thornton rob_t at
Wed Oct 29 08:45:24 PDT 2008

This is my first post so I may be way late to the party, but I've found 
the following "bugs" in the unstable LFS tree(svn20081026):

2) 5.5. GCC-4.3.2 - Pass 1: There is no explanation for the compile 

--disable-libssp the list of meanings.

Second, for those who don't know why, perhaps a very short explanation 
as to why only the C language is enabled when building the package for 
those to whom it may not be immediately obvious? An addendum like "This 
option ensures that only the C compiler is built* in order to save time 
when bootstrapping because only C is required to compile all the 
packages required for building the temporary toolchain.*"


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