glibc-2.8 [was: Re: GCC-4.3.1, Linux-]

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Sun Sep 7 15:00:55 PDT 2008

Robert Connolly wrote:

> I got rid of the iconvdata/bug-iconv6, and iconvdata/tst-iconv7, errors by 
> rebuilding Glibc a third time, without patches, after installing 
> Binutils-2.18 and GCC-4.1 in chapter 6. I'm retrying with gcc-4.2. It looks 
> like a PATH issue... the testsuite is looking in /usr or /lib and finding it 
> empty, instead of looking in the glibc-build/ directory. Might be fixed in 
> glibc-cvs.


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