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DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Sep 12 20:49:23 PDT 2008

All the recently mentioned changes and updates have been made except for 
the testsuite fixes that Robert has been working on as I haven't had the 
time to do manual builds.  Of note:  GCC-4.3.2, GlibC-2.8-20080905, LSB 
bootscripts, initd-tools introduced, man instead of mandb and added 
groff-utf8 package (thanks Ken).  Man is probably still a little broken 
ATM and I haven't updated man.conf to account for groff-utf8 yet becasue 
I'm not sure what it does with other inputs, but it is there for when 
all are UTF-8, mpfr and gmp are part of pass1-gcc. 

I did not remember to remove BerkelyDB, and build time and sizes, while 
updated, may still have some mistakes as I used the timings from my test 
run and not those from the final (I confirmed that it builds from start 
to finish overnight last night).  Also, I am getting 1 testsuite failure 
in perl.  I just tacked on  '|| true' for jhALFS processing until I, or 
somebody else, have time to review it.  I also haven't booted this build 
yet either, but hey it is dev.  The previous one worked somewhat so this 
one probably will too.

One level higher has source (grab book.tar.bz2 and extract in temp dir 
cause IT DOES NOT create an extract dir, for use with jhALFS) and patches.

As far as commits go, I'll start cleaning and breaking out patches for 
the sane ones that should go into LFS in a day or so, and get those 
ready for somebody to review and apply.

Have fun.

-- DJ Lucas

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