New personal experimental book

Lefteris Dimitroulakis edimitro at
Fri Sep 12 22:28:21 PDT 2008

Στις Saturday 13 September 2008 06:49:23 ο/η DJ Lucas έγραψε:
> All the recently mentioned changes and updates have been made except for
> the testsuite fixes that Robert has been working on as I haven't had the
> time to do manual builds.  Of note:  GCC-4.3.2, GlibC-2.8-20080905, LSB
> bootscripts, initd-tools introduced, man instead of mandb and added
> groff-utf8 package (thanks Ken).  Man is probably still a little broken
> ATM and I haven't updated man.conf to account for groff-utf8 yet becasue
> I'm not sure what it does with other inputs, but it is there for when
> all are UTF-8, mpfr and gmp are part of pass1-gcc.
Since you install Man, you get relevant man pages translated in greek. 
So you may add in your Table 6.1 "Greek (el)   ISO-8859-7".


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