2 New LFS Editors

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Sep 30 19:33:13 PDT 2008

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> As those of you who have been following ticket #2205 have already seen, DJ & Randy

Congrats guys! I wouldn't say I've been monitoring LFS in the past few 
months, but now and then I'd look around to see what's going on and it's 
nice to see that there's still some bit of fighting breath in it. :)

On a personal level I've been very busy (moving, managing my new 
company, there's been a lot going on). But things are starting to even 
up a bit and I'm beginning to get my priorities in place.

I have a few cycles to spare for helping, I believe, but I don't want to 
just jump in anywhere. And I don't really want to work on ideas or 
concepts that aren't really going to go anywhere or will be stepping on 
other people's toes.

So I guess I'm asking is (while trying to avoid raising a long, tired, 
pointless discussion about where LFS could and should go): what's our 
current goal and what needs done?


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