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Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Thu Jun 11 09:10:24 PDT 2009

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>> Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>>> Poking around in glibc, this *looks* like a bug in it (at least in 
>>> 2.10.1).
>> Filed this bug:
>> Does the patch mentioned there (to glibc) fix the testsuite?  It needs
>> to be done whether it fixes the tests or not, though (for 32-bit
>> builds)...
> Wow.  That's really crawling around the innards Bryan.

Heh.  And I don't even know for sure if this was the issue causing the
testsuite failures.  :-P

It does really look like a bug, though.

(Re: "crawling around the innards":  That's what happens when my most
recent coding was trying to get signalfd to work on a really old glibc
but a fairly new kernel.  :-) )

> My observation to their responsiveness to outside bugs is that they will
> probably ignore it.  Let's hope I'm wrong.

Somebody from SuSE seems to have commented.  *crossing fingers*...

It seems fairly obvious from comparing 32-bit and 64-bit glibc what's wrong
with the constants being used, as long as someone actually does that.

(I'm just hoping it doesn't get closed as a duplicate of bug 333: "build
failures aren't to be reported here".)

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