kernel compression with lzma

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Sat Jun 20 15:14:50 PDT 2009

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> as the kernel compile does not check wether lzma is possible but just
> starts compiling resulting in a failure at the very end, i propose at
> least a hint in the kernel section about not to use lzma unless the
> corresponding chapter from blfs is done.
> within the next days i'll rebuild my usb-rescue-stick with a compressed
> kernel. maybe it will boot a little faster...
> tobias
> -- 

It really depend on cpu power if it will be faster.
Just tested lzma initramfs backporting lzma change on 2.6.27 (until v7 of
the patches on lklm, they were v2.6.27 based) and a 6 MB initramfs
It boot slower on a PII 350. Take 12 s to load from network lzma kernel,
load lzma initramfs and open initramfs when it take 8 s on gzip vmlinux +
gzip initramfs.

lzma is really a gain where size is the main concern like floppy boot.


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