kernel compression with lzma

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at
Sat Jun 20 16:56:21 PDT 2009

> as the kernel compile does not check wether lzma is possible but just
> starts compiling resulting in a failure at the very end, i propose at
> least a hint in the kernel section about not to use lzma unless the
> corresponding chapter from blfs is done.

 I guess that's a better place for it to go at first - like many things in
the past, lzma sounds like a good idea.  Whether it lives up to the
hopes and expectations remains to be seen.

  I'm assuming that one day (shades of one of the HHGTTG episodes)
there will be a new BLFs release - for the moment we seem to lack
editors with sufficient time and skills.

 On a personal note, I'm not in a state to do development at the
moment (a side effect, for me, of the statin I was briefly prescribed
is intermittent lack of interest in sleep, interspersed with inability
to sleep) - I know my limitations.  I hope to produce an updated
list of what I've been building for my desktop, with the full
commands, fairly soon. I've frozen my versions (parts of
gnome-2.24 and kde-4.2.2) while I tested on non-x86, so much of
what I've been using is now objectively old.

Meanwhile, you guys are moving on - I hope you find workarounds
for all the issues gcc-4.4 will bring before I get back to development ;-)


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