module-init-tools --enable-zlib-dynamic

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Mon Jun 22 12:34:42 PDT 2009

Gilles Espinasse schrieb:
>> i don't link anything static. i move all .a files out of the library
>> path if there is a corresponding .so available.
>> excptions are the modutils package (which require libc and libz to be
>> linked static), and sysvinit (libcrypt) where i copy the static
>> libraries back during the build.
> that's no more true concerning libz.
> On module-init-tools-3.8, there is a new --enable-zlib-dynamic parameter.
> insmod,rmmod,modprobe are much smaller without static libz.

should we add this option to chapter 6.48.1?

probably with some comment about /usr/lib must be on the root partition
to be able to access the tools during bootup.

modutils 3.9 runs fine here, same instructions as with 3.8 (now even
without static zlib)


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