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Thu Jun 25 21:00:59 PDT 2009

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>> Mmm?  Did mount stop writing to /etc/mtab or something?  That needs
>> to be writable no matter which blkid / uuid library you use.
>> Unless you don't mind having "-o user" broken (I don't, but others
>> probably do); then you can symlink it to /proc/mounts.
> Not yet, but Karel Zak, th emaintainer wrote: "My plan is to support
> systems without /etc/mtab and use /proc/self/mountinfo in
> util-linux-ng 2.{17,18} (September/October 2009 or so...)."

/proc/self/mountinfo doesn't contain the user that mounted the FS, so
"-o user" is still broken.  (At least in that's the case.)  It
probably isn't very hard to add in the kernel, but it's going to be hard
to get util-linux-ng to properly support fstab-with-user in a case like
that, without it.

(Also, glibc's getmntent may not be able to parse the mountinfo file, so
symlinking /etc/mtab to it will not work unless *all* programs that use
mtab have a fallback parser they can use.  Probably not a huge issue
though, and it's definitely fixable with a getmntent hack.)

> I'm not sure when mountinfo went into the kernel. has it,
> but does not.

Google points out that kernelnewbies.org's LinuxChanges pages say
2.6.26.  :-)

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