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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 17:27:01 PDT 2009

Sounds like we'll get 2.16 soon.
   -- Bruce

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] util-linux-ng v2.16-rc1
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 00:47:17 +0200
From: Karel Zak <kzak at redhat.com>
To: linux-kernel at vger.kernel.org, linux-fsdevel at vger.kernel.org, 
util-linux-ng at vger.kernel.org

The first util-linux-ng 2.16 release candidate is available at


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Util-linux-ng 2.16 Release Notes

Release highlights

libuuid, uuidgen(1) and uuidd(8):
   - the libuuid library has been moved from e2fsprogs to util-linux-ng

   - this NEW COMMAND allows to switch to another filesystem as the root
     of the mount tree.

mount, umount, fsck:
   - don't support linking against obsolete libvolume_id (from udev)

Stable maintenance releases between v2.15 and v2.16

util-linux-ng 2.15.1 [10-Jun-2009]

  * ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux-ng/v2.15/v2.15.1-ReleaseNotes

ChangeLog between v2.15 and v2.16

  For more details see ChangeLog files at:

    - add --disable-libblkid, remove volume_id support  [Karel Zak]
    - add --disable-switch_root  [Karel Zak]
    - add --disable-tls  [Karel Zak]
    - add --disable-uuidd  [Karel Zak]
    - add UTIL_{SET,RESTORE}_FLAGS  [Karel Zak]
    - check for openat() and linux for switch_root  [Karel Zak]
    - cleanup libuuid stuff  [Karel Zak]
    - complete /libs to /shlibs rename  [Karel Zak]
    - enable fsck by default  [Karel Zak]
    - fix blkid.h include for old e2fsprogs  [Karel Zak]
    - fix --disable-uuidd
    - fix headers in mkswap and libblkid  [Karel Zak]
    - fix libuuid Makefile.am  [Karel Zak]
    - fix "make -C" bug  [Karel Zak]
    - rename /libs to /shlibs  [Karel Zak]
    - Highlight today even when month or year specified  [Rajeev V. Pillai]
    - uClibc has langinfo.h but not _NL_TIME_WEEK_1STDAY.  [Tom Prince]
    - don't assume SCHED_BATCH and SCHED_IDLE exist  [Aurelien Jarno]
    - add missing commands/projects to AUTHORS file  [Karel Zak]
    - refresh TODO list  [Karel Zak]
    - remove obsolete information from fstab example  [Karel Zak]
    - update AUTHORS file  [Karel Zak]
    - (and cfdisk) fix to be consistent about maximum heads  [Chris Webb]
    - add simple test for doslabel stuff  [Zdenek Behan]
    - fix mismatched popen/fclose.  [John Keeping]
    - Allow setting the none class  [Jakob Unterwurzacher]
    - add device-mapper snapshot cow device probe  [Milan Broz]
    - blkid_do_safeprobe() has to be tolerant to RAIDs  [Karel Zak]
    - cleanup debug messages and return codes in blkid_do_probe()  [Karel Zak]
    - don't require udev symlinks verification for non-root users  [Karel Zak]
    - fix "hangs forever with partition type mdraid"  [Karel Zak]
    - fix LVM1 probe  [Milan Broz]
    - fix reiserfs name  [Karel Zak]
    - make libuuid optional  [Karel Zak]
    - update man page  [Karel Zak]
    - add --disable-libuuid and LIBUUID_VERSION  [Karel Zak]
    - add .gitignore  [Karel Zak]
    - add info about u-l-ng to man pages  [Karel Zak]
    - import UUID library from e2fsprogs  [Karel Zak]
    - add --set-capacity  [Karel Zak]
    - handle symlinks in /dev/loop/  [Mike Frysinger]
    - suggest to use modprobe rather than insmod in losetup.8  [Karel Zak]
    - fix cpuid code on x86/PIC  [Mike Frysinger]
    - (and fsck) remove libvolume_id support  [Karel Zak]
    - a little clean up info about loopdevs in man page  [Karel Zak]
    - add ext4 to mount.8  [Karel Zak]
    - add ext4 to the list of filesystems in mount.8  [Karel Zak]
    - add info about obsolete vfat options to mount.8  [Karel Zak]
    - cleanup notes about -l option in mount.8  [Karel Zak]
    - fix undefined reference to `security_get_initial_context'  [Karel Zak]
    - move MS_{PROPAGATION,BIND,MOVE} detection  [Karel Zak]
    - use "none" fstype for MS_PROPAGATION mounts  [Karel Zak]
    - use TAG parsing function from libblkid  [Karel Zak]
    - fix typo in French translation  [Olivier Blin]
    - merge changes  [Karel Zak]
    - refresh POTFILES.in  [Karel Zak]
    - update vi.po (from translationproject.org)  [Clytie Siddall]
    - add man page  [Karel Zak]
    - clean up argv[] usage, add -h and -V  [Karel Zak]
    - do recursiveRemove after our root is moved to avoid races.  [Peter Jones]
    - fix coding style  [Karel Zak]
    - fork before cleaning up the filesystem.  [Peter Jones]
    - new command  [Karel Zak]
    - rewrite to use fstatat() and unlinkat()  [Karel Zak]
    - use err.h, clean up return codes  [Karel Zak]
    - use file descriptor instead of path for recursiveRemove()  [Peter Jones]
    - use snprintf() rather tan str{cpy,cat}()  [Karel Zak]
    - add functions for work withdisk images  [Karel Zak]
    - add mdraid libblkid test  [Karel Zak]
    - don't run some mount tests for non-root users  [Karel Zak]
    - fix 'delete extended partition' checksum  [Karel Zak]
    - fix reiserfs test  [Karel Zak]
    - fix script that creates lscpu dumps  [Karel Zak]
    - move lscpu /proc and /sys dumps to tarballs  [Karel Zak]
    - remove broken Xen dumps for lscpu  [Karel Zak]
    - clean up help output  [Karel Zak]
    - new command (UUID daemon from e2fsprogs)  [Karel Zak]
    - new command (from e2fsprogs)  [Karel Zak]

  Karel Zak  <kzak at redhat.com>
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