libusb-compat requires pkg-config

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Mon Mar 2 10:25:06 PST 2009

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> I'm actually surprised that none of LFS' packages have started to use
> pkg-config yet, given its increasing adoption.

Well, depends on what you mean by "use".  :-)

udev-13x (for some values of x; maybe all), for instance, stuffs at
least a libudev.pc and libvolume_id.pc file into /usr/lib (or /usr/lib64
if you build 64-bit).  However, the udev build never runs pkg-config
(likely because vol_id has to find libvolume_id on its own, since the
.pc file isn't installed yet, and the same for udevd / libudev).

e2fsprogs also installs a couple of .pc files (blkid.pc for libblkid,
and ext2fs.pc for libext2fs).

So while I don't think anything runs the pkg-config binary, there are a
few things that dump .pc files out.  So we don't strictly *need*
pkg-config today, but if .pc files ever change into something that needs
to be compiled, we will.  Or if some other package decides to depend on
any of these libs, we will.  Or if zlib or bzip2, then tar (or something
like that) all decide to start using pkg-config, we will.

> My vote would also be to migrate it over to LFS, putting it in its
> rightful place in the alphabetical build order until such time that
> an LFS package requires it.

As pkg-config is one of the first things I install after LFS anyway (now
that modular-X uses it), this sounds OK to me, FWIW.

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