glibc-2.10.1 make check fails

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Tue May 26 09:47:36 PDT 2009

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> Using 2.6.18 appears to potentially affect binaries built against kernels
> than that and run on a LFS-6.5 or later system. I don't see where that
would be
> an issue.
>    -- Bruce

The issue is that if you have a kernel running on the building machine older
than the version defined in --enable-kernel, building glibc will fail with
'kernel too old message'.
So --enable-kernel primary limit to wich kernel version is needed to build
So to be clear, if someone want to build LFS from RHEL-5 or debian etch,
2.6.18 is fine. But on any older kernel, glibc compilation will fail.

At least that was I have seen before the switch to cross-compilation.


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