LFS-6.5 Status

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue May 26 12:32:48 PDT 2009


This is a progress report on what remains for LFS-6.5:

#1929  	 Use 'make install', when it can work, instead of 'cp', when installing 
single files.  	 bdubbs

I haven't heard any feedback on this.  Will mark as won't fix if I don't hear 
anything soon.

#2326 	Modifications to Preface  gerard

Some changes have been made.  Waiting for final review to close.

#2329 	Zlib FPIC patch 	reopened 	bdubbs

I need some additional feedback on this.  Robert has problems with passing -fPIC 
to the build of the libz static library.

#2330 	development build-logs 	bdubbs

I've just finished building -dev by hand.  I'll redo with jhalfs and upload the 
logs to the website.  With gcc-4, the build times have changed (gcc testing is 
up to about 40 SBU).  I'll also update the size/time info in packages.ent from 
the log.

#2391 	Util-Linux-NG-2.15 blocker matthew

We are really waiting for the 2.16 release and possibly a new release of 
e2fsprogs to work this.

#2398 	Coreutils-7.4 fails 2 stty tests  unassigned

I could not duplicate this problem.  I recommend closing, but Matt should do it.

#2399 	GCC-4.4.0 fails 7 tests unexpectedly 	unassigned

I could duplicate this, but it's a known common issue.   I recommend closing, 
but Matt should do it.

#2410 	Inconsistencies in Chapter 5 glibc 	unassigned

This is a text only change in an abbreviated discussion of locales.  I'd fix it, 
but I don't know what should be said.  I'm looking for feedback here.

#2415 	Revalidate need for patches and seds in Chapter 5  unassigned

I created this ticket and should probably assign it to myself.

#2417 	Gettext autopoint.in fix 	unassigned

Robert points to an upstream patch.  This is a minor issue.  I'll take it if 
someone else doesn't get it before the weekend.

#2418 	6.25. Grep-2.5.4 test errors  unassigned

The text doesn't match my results.  I'd like to get confirmation on this one. 
Again, I'll take it if someone else doesn't get it before the weekend.

#2419 	gdbm sbu and disk usage values are missing from packages.ent  bdubbs

I'll fix this when I do #2330


Selected tickets marked for 7.0 that could be done for 6.5 while we are waiting 
for Util-Linux-NG-2.16.

#2092 Switch all text back from third person to second person pronouns   	 gerard

Some fixes have been made.  We can probably promote this to 6.5

#2184  	 Provide more information on kernel configuration  unassigned

I'll do this if I have time after the other tickets.  I'm thinking that it 
should be written as a hint and then have the book point to the hint.  Comments?

#2337  	 Kbd-1.15 doesn't map U+2010 to U+002d in lat1-16 font   unassigned

I'm thinking that a short hint be written to address this and a pointer be 
placed in the book to the pointer.  Comments?

#2409  	 Evaluate "From Power Up To Bash Prompt"  unassigned

We may not have to make changes other than to say in the book that the info was 
written a while ago but is still relevant.   Volunteers to evaluate this?

#2411  Evaluate "LFS next to existing systems" hint.  unassigned

Same as #2409.  Volunteers?

#2413  	 Chapter 5 - GCC Pass 2 - changing dynamic linker location  unassigned

Relatively straight forward simplification of instructions.  I'll do it this 
weekend if no one else wants it.

#2414  	 Evaluate Optimization hint   unassigned

Same as #2409.  Volunteers?

    -- Bruce

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