LFS-6.5 Status

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue May 26 19:55:25 PDT 2009

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
>> #2326 	Modifications to Preface  gerard
>> Some changes have been made.  Waiting for final review to close.
>> #2092 Switch all text back from third person to second person pronouns   	 gerard
>> Some fixes have been made.  We can probably promote this to 6.5
> Agreed on #2092. It's set to Milestone 6.5 now.
> I think I caught the bulk of the 3rd person edits. A few extra pairs of 
> eyes are always appreciated.
> The Preface is about done I think, but any additional suggestions are 
> welcome. If nothing else, a grammar check is welcome (ESL and all). I'll 
> assign that "From Power Up To Bash Prompt" ticket to myself as it fits 
> within the scope of the Preface.

Gerard, I took the liberty of making several grammar/wording changes in the 
preface.  If you are OK with them, I think you can close #2326.

I've been going over the book for a couple of days now and no 3rd person text 
jumped out to me.  We may be OK with #2092 also.  We can always make quick 
changes as they get identified.

   -- Bruce

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