glibc-2.10.1 make check fails

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed May 27 11:13:09 PDT 2009

Trent Shea wrote:
> On Sunday 24 May 2009 21:09:35 Trent Shea wrote:
>> make[3]: *** [/sources/glibc-build/nptl/tst-mutex5.out] Error 1
>> make[3]: *** [/sources/glibc-build/nptl/tst-mutex9.out] Error 1
>> make[3]: *** [/sources/glibc-build/nptl/tst-mutex5a.out] Error 1
> Alright, I believe that these errors are triggered when running a kernel 
> version greater than
> For tst-mutex5, the attached diff shows where the test failure occurs. I've 
> tried increasing the Wait 2 seconds section, with no success.

That's interesting.  I don't see those errors, but perhaps that's because I'm 
building on an LFS-6.4 system with a kernel.

> Another note regarding the kernel headers. When running make 
> headers_check there are many 'leaks' and 'extern's make no sense in userspace' 
> messages, the kernel does not produce these messages. Maybe an 
> explanation regarding these messages could be considered?

I haven't seen these either.  Are you building 6.5 on a 6.5 system?

This seems to be a kernel/glibc interaction thing and beyond the scope of LFS.

   -- Bruce

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