More frequent snapshots of SVN

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed May 27 19:40:58 PDT 2009

> Changes more than once a day may be confusing.  The book is now identified by a 
> date.  If there are different versions with the same date, it could cause a new 
> user a problem.
> Developers, on the other hand, build in their own sandbox and don't need the 
> site to do it.
> I'd recommend leaving things as they are and render once or at most twice a day.

Points well made.

An additional side-effect that I just realized: we might have people 
reading the dev book online and suddenly they go to the next page and 
the page either doesn't exist (anymore) or it was recently modified and 
their chapter 5 or chapter 6 builds are suddenly at risk (say an 
important change was committed right between the reader's binutils or 
gcc passes).

This could potentially also happen if they start one day and finish the 
next day (as the book re-generated during that time) but it being a 24 
hour window, the risk is a reduced one at least.

I'll leave status quo for the time being and sit on this for a while. 
Maybe we'll revisit it at a later time.


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