udev 142 - no longer includes libvolume_id and vol_id

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat May 30 14:48:12 PDT 2009

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> taken from NEWS
> The program vol_id and the library libvolume_id are removed from the
> repository. Libvolume_id is merged with libblkid from the util-linux-ng
> package. Persistent disk links for label and uuid depend on the
> util-linux-ng version (2.15) of blkid now. Older versions of blkid
> can not be used with udev.
> I came across this problem when attempting to compile hal 0.5.12rc1.
> but I noted that the LFS docs still make reference to volume_id

Yes, will have to reevaluate udev, util-linux-ng, and e2fsprogs as the next 
versions are released.  They're all interrelated and things are moving around.

That's pretty much what's holding up LFS-6.5 right now.  If this issue wasn't 
there, we could release now.

   -- Bruce

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