LFS-6.5: 5.31. Stripping - extra 10MB of docs could go

James Robertson jwrober at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 11:50:07 PDT 2009

Kevin Buckley wrote:
>> This is a old / long standing point that folks bring up now and again.
>> Since /tools is very temporary, the book has not historically worried
>> about the documentation that gets installed by the temp tools.
> Indeed!
> The last time I built an LFS system from scratch (bit tautological
> that!), I'd found that there was extra stuff in, eg, /tools/share/doc.
> My old notes, where I highlighted the differences between a vanilla LFS
> install and the "My Distro, My Rules" one in an HTML copy I kept lying
> around, led me to go looking to see what was where when doing the
> latest build, whereupon I  "discovered" the /tools/share/{info,man} stuff.
> Thought I might as well feed such info back into the community.
> Maybe a note in the book to the effect that
> "There may be other, uneeded, documentation that the example instructions
>  here don't remove. Typically, Linux documentation tends to be installed below
> directories called 'info' and 'man'".
> would cover all the bases.
Agree, that would probably be a good idea.  For what it is worth, this 
is what I get on my test machine:

root [ /mnt/build_dir ]# du -sh tools/{,share}/{info,man}
7.4M     /tools/info
7.5M     /tools/man
8.7M     /tools/share/info
1.1M     /tools/share/man

24.7M total.

Would someone be willing to change the command on 

rm -rvf /tools/{,share}/{info,man}

That will cover the two spots that doco may be placed in /tools.  The verbiage on the page covers the rest.



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