devtmpfs proposal

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Sep 20 11:49:31 PDT 2009

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> I noted that the linux kernel is working on a system called devtmpfs.
>>From what I have read, it mount's a tmpfs, then populates it (Giving
> us console, and null, even all the device module nodes before udev
> runs).  It is designed to allow udev to come along later, and
> replace/update the nodes.
> This would allow the boot scripts to be simplified, and allow booting
> with init=/bin/bash w/o additional setup (Other then mounting /
> readwrite).
> Information on how it works:
> Upstream Status:

I'm not sure how this affects us.  It appears that we remove section 6.2.1. 
Creating Initial Device Nodes (but insist on a specific kernel option).  I don't 
see anything else.  I suppose /dev would be automatically mounted as a tmpfs, 
but how does that help someone who is not doing something with an embedded 
system without a disk drive?

What am I missing?

   -- Bruce

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