Honing "More Control and Package Users"

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Mon Aug 2 08:33:21 PDT 2010

>Aug 2, 2010 10:03:02 AM, Dan wrote:
>For the sake of this discussion let's assume that basic LFS and a "no 
>frills" package users system comprise a "first build." If we update the 
>hint properly, then this build should go without a hitch. [BTW. I think 
>there may be some "stuff" to ferret out in Ch. 6 up to and including 
>GCC-4.5.0. For the first time in my LFS experience, using package users, 
>I got some depressing test results. I don't know if it has anything to 
>do with my typing or whether it's package users. I do know that the test 
>results were "lovely" when I used jhalfs.]

Hi Dan, Tim, and anyone listening in.

BTW, Dan, I'm building 6.6, not the SVN. I must have mistyped in a prior

What Dan wrote above is where my focus is right now. From what I'm 
experiencing, there are now (as Matthias stated there would be) additional
issues that package users packages face in LFS 6.6. For instance, the 
problem I had with localedef in chapter 6.9 (glibc) is not covered. 

My first thought on updating the hint is to update the walkthrough of LFS for
package users with an emphasis on not just the correct fix, but the process
for trouble-shooting.

I suspect that there may be some general solutions that could address a lot
of the problems, but I think documenting the problems and eventual solutions 
first could be a big help. 

That's my plan. I'll post build notes and problems here for the LFS packages in
chapter 6. I expect to have the first bunch of notes up sometime between Wednesday
and Friday.

I realize this is somewhat more modest than what you guys have been discussing.


Warm regards,


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