Bootscript future

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Aug 10 12:55:59 PDT 2010

Hey All,

So with my LightCube OS project (which is actually nearing first alpha 
release), I am at the point where I need to decide what to do for boot 
scripts. I have been using LFS and BLFS scripts up to now, but I'm not 
sure if I will continue to do so in the future.

(I also played with systemd, which is really cool, but it's not 100% 
yet, in my opinion, nor does my OS generally need it, due to its goals).

It depends on a couple of things, really. Firstly, what's the goal of 
LSB compliance with the scripts, and how far away is that? I want to 
meet that, if possible.

Secondly, is there any likelyhood that LFS/BLFS will want to adopt 
chkconfig for their scripts. It's dead easy to set up, but it does 
require modifying the scripts to contain runlevel and order information, 
and a description (no big deal, really). chkconfig also is a super small 
package with no need to use crazy dependencies (unless you want to use 
the semi-graphical ntsysv program).


If LFS moves in a certain direction, I may just continue using your 
scripts, otherwise, I'll have to devise my own.


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