Honing "Package Users" (Dependency Tracking)

Timothy Rice t.rice at ms.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Aug 10 16:08:02 PDT 2010

Hey Matt,

Awesome, got it working, thanks :-) To get rid of that trailing "p:
jadetex", I just piped the result through `head --lines=-1'.

One issue seems to be the processing time, which is a bit lengthy.
However, if I put this in a script, I can set the script to run in the
background, so that won't really be a problem.

I was also hoping that the script could use wget to obtain dependency info
direct from the web. However, xsltproc seems to want local files only. A
compromise would be to set up an anacron job that updates a local copy of
the once a week. All good.

> My idea with that XSL script was to use its output to populate a sqlite
> database and from there it would build up a recursive chain of
> dependencies for any given package.

That sounds really cool, although I wouldn't know where to start.

It would also require the sqlite package, and I could see it being argued
that this would add too much bloat to the package user system.

What could work is to have this dependency-tracking system set up
orthogonally to package users. It would just be a resource for anyone
working on BLFS. People using package users may use it or ignore it as
they wish, and people who are not using package users can also use it or
ignore it as they wish.

If it was set up as a downloadable package, it could be listed in the BLFS
book, with libxslt and sqlite as required dependencies, and cron and
either wget or subversion as optional.

... or something :-)



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