SVN 6.54 Shadow - Man-DB can format Korean and Chinese man pages (sed for disabling those manpages is irrelevant)

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Mon Dec 27 19:24:57 PST 2010

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 05:30:22PM -0600, William Immendorf wrote:
> Excatly what it says in the title. The Shadow instructions include a
> sed that disables installation of Korean and Chinese man pages (for
> the apparent reason that Man-DB can't format them properly.) However,
> according to the encoding tables for Man-DB, it now can format these
> types of man pages.
> So, that makes the sed for disabling the manpages pointless and it
> should be removed.
 Agreed - thanks for the confirmation.  This was one of the things
that kept me using the old man package on my own systems for a while
(if shadow installs pages, why would I want a version of man that
couldn't use them ?), but the man-db maintainer has had his eye on
the ball.

 Even as far back as 20100616 this worked [ what I'm running, less
gcc-4.5, on the ppc64 where I've just checked this - on the LFS-6.6
ppc I first looked at, the highlighted ASCII was converted into <xx>
although the Korean and Japanese glyphs were rendered :-( ]

 Thanks for pointing to the encoding tables - I don't know if the
rendering (in urxvt) is *correct*, but it certainly looks
plausible (but, I suspect that the 'highlighting' in bright white
might not all be correct) - that additional information persuades me
to change this in the BOOK.

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